There's HOPE in Leadership - If you become LEGENDARY!

Unlock Your Heroic Potential, Evolve Into a Legendary Leader, Forge Ahead & Flourish!

About Us

We are on a mission to CHANGE THE WORLD!

The Legendary Leadership Life was founded with the idea that through Unlocking our Heroic Potential, we gain the ability to Evolve into Legendary Leaders, which allows us to Forge Ahead and FLOURISH!

A Legendary Leader is someone whose Psychophysiology has been adapted to our modern world, who utilizes their Heroic Potential to Influence others so that those individuals can achieve their own Heroic Potential, ALL while holding Specific Character Traits.

Hero comes from the Greek Word "Hērōs" who is an individual that has strength for 2 or more people. Potential comes from the word "Poti-" or "powerful, Lord" and means the inherent, God-given power that you were meant to express in the world.

Together, Heroic Potential is the inherent, God-given strength and power that you were meant to express in the world which is beneficial to you and at least one other person, but which could be developed to be beneficial to the entire world!

The specific character traits that a Legendary Leader holds, but which can be expanded upon, include:

✙ Influencing through Love.

✙ Honoring Others, especially those who came Before.

✙ Respecting those they Lead, including their need to Rest and Refresh.

✙ Refusing to cause harm through lying, stealing, cheating, lusting ( physically and monetarily), or worse.

In the Legendary Leadership Life we figure out how to help YOU unlock and fully utilize your Heroic Potential, so that you become a Legendary Leader!

All of our work is based on our 5 Values!

✙ Faith - Through P.I.E.T.Y. - or a dutifulness to uphold:

  • Perseverance
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Timeliness
  • YOU and Those We Serve

✙ Family - The closest group of people to you, which may include people related by blood, but may include much more than that. We have a duty to serve those who have entered into our Family. 

✙ Freedom - We believe that all people have a right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Purpose, and it is our duty to achieve that in our life, then in the lives of our Family, then for anyone else we lead. 

✙ Future - Once we have achieved Freedom, it is our responsibility to expand our reach, and to leave behind a Legacy that will impact future generations for the better. The final step on the path to Legendary Leadership.

✙ Fun - Because Life is meant to be Enjoyed! Yes, there may be tough times, struggles, stress and pain, yet we need to find and be present with that which is worth living for!

Benefits of Becoming a Member

✙ Meet AMAZING Individuals just like You who are DEDICATED to Becoming Legendary Leaders!

✙ Share and Hear POWERFUL Stories, Experiences, and Ideas with Your Peers!

✙ Get PERSONALIZED Answers to the Questions that Popular Search Engines Can't Find!

✙ Find INSPIRATION from People on the Same Path as You!

✙ Get Access to EXCLUSIVE Content that is NOWHERE Else!

✙ Learn FASTER and Make BETTER DECISIONS as you Unlock Your Heroic Potential, Evolve into a Legendary Leader, Forge Ahead & Flourish!

A Big Thanks

None of this would be possible without the AMAZING members of the Legendary Leadership Life! The efforts of these individuals are not only changing the lives of those around them, but the ripple effects are impacting even more lives!

About Your Host and Guide: 

Cody Dakota Wooten

Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C. is the founder of The Leadership Guide where he helps Entrepreneurs, C-Suite Executives and Business Owners unlock their Heroic Potential, Evolve into Legendary Leaders, Forge Ahead and Flourish! He does this through his Legendary Leadership Coaching, Speaking, TV Show and Top 1% Podcast!

Cody studied the Leadership Development world and discovered something - It doesn't work! That's why Cody no longer does it. Leadership Development only has a 20% success rate, and with the world falling more and more into a leadership crisis, Cody knew he had to do something different.

This led to Cody developing his 4X Award-Winning category of "Legendary Leadership". It looks not only at the skills of a leader, but also the Psychophysiology and the Core of Leadership. Cody has trained and gotten certified with the greatest minds in Leadership and different aspects of Psychophysiology, including Flow Psychology, Neurocardiology, Neurogastroenterology, Kinesiology, Eudaimonology, Nutrition, Respiration, and more!

Cody is a devout Christian, and lives happily with his wife in Austin, TX working with clients both in person and online.

Cody Dakota is a Certified Coach, Speaker, Behavioral Consultant, Holistic Wellness Professional, and a Stress and Well-Being Assessment Provider. He has received many certifications including as a Maxwell Leadership Team Coach, Level 3 Heroic Coach, HeartMath Coach and Mentor, and Flow Psychology Coach. He is a prior member of the Forbes Coaches Council, being featured in over 20 Expert Panels and Articles, and an Advisory Board Member for the Future of Business Coaching where he was ranked a Top 3 Expert five times and referenced multiple more times. He has been the recipient of the CREA Global Award alongside individuals such as Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and Marc Randolph. He has also received an Outstanding Leadership Award, an EIPPY Award, and was a finalist for the Next Level of Inspirational Speakers Award, as well as the Extraordinarian Award for Coaches with ideas the can change People, Businesses, and the Future for the Better. Cody has also been a co-author of 5 Best-Selling Books.

In Fitness, Cody Dakota Wooten is an avid Martial Artist and Spartan Racer. He has practiced multiple martial arts for over 20 years, including Tae-Kwon-Do and Karate (Second Degree Black Belt), Judo (Red Belt), Tai Chi, Aikido, Chanbara, and has self-study in a variety of other styles. He is a certified Level 2 MovNat Coach, Original Strength Coach, and Animal Flow Coach, and Advanced Oxygen Advantage Coach. He has completed 3 Spartan Trifectas (so far), 2 Spartan Ultras (50k race with 63 Obstacles), and has competed in multiple sports since he was young, including NCAA Division 3 Lacrosse, Cross-Country, Track and Field, Baseball, and Diving.

Fun Fact: Cody Dakota Wooten has received a Triple PhD, h.c. in Abidance Counseling, Biasology and Simplicity Theory, and is also a Lord of Glencoe and Lochaber. He could choose to go by “Dr. Cody Dakota” or “Lord Cody Dakota” but chooses not to because he understands that he is a regular person, just like everyone else, and that titles do not make anyone greater or lesser than another.