There's HOPE in Leadership - If you become LEGENDARY!

Unlock Your Heroic Potential, Evolve Into a Legendary Leader, Forge Ahead & Flourish!

About Us

We are on a mission to CHANGE THE WORLD!

The Legendary Leadership Life was founded with the idea that through Unlock our Heroic Potential, we gain the ability to Evolve into Legendary Leaders, which allows us to Forge Ahead and FLOURISH!

A Legendary Leader is someone whose Physiology and Neurology are in Union, who utilizes their Heroic Potential to Influence others so that those individuals can achieve their own Heroic Potential, ALL while holding Specific Character Traits.

Hero comes from the Greek Word "Hērōs" who is an individual that has strength for 2 or more people. Potential comes from the word "Poti-" or "powerful, Lord" and means the inherent, God-given power that you were meant to express in the world.

Together, Heroic Potential is the inherent, God-given strength and power that you were meant to express in the world which is beneficial to you and at least one other person, but which could be developed to be beneficial to the world!

The specific character traits that a Legendary Leader holds, but which can be expanded upon, include:

✙ Influencing through Love.

✙ Honoring Others, especially those who came Before.

✙ Respecting those they Lead, including their need to Rest and Refresh.

✙ Refusing to cause harm through lying, stealing, cheating, lusting (including physically and monetarily), or killing.

In the Legendary Leadership Life we figure out how to help YOU unlock and fully utilize your Heroic Potential, so that you become a Legendary Leader to those you influence!

Along with this, you can make a Legendary Leadership Commitment (or Commitment for Short), a plan that grants you access to tools to help you become LEGENDARY, plus other AMAZING benefits INCLUDING the ability to support a variety of Non-Profits which are actively working on changing the world!

All of our work is based on our 5 Values!

✙ Faith - Through P.I.E.T.Y. - or a dutifulness to uphold:

  • Perseverance
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Timeliness
  • YOU and Those We Serve

✙ Family - The closest group of people to you, which may include people related by blood, but may include much more than that. We have a duty to serve those who have entered into our Family. 

✙ Freedom - We believe that all people have a right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Purpose, and it is our duty to achieve that in our life, then in the lives of our Family, then for those we lead. 

✙ Future - Once we have achieved Freedom, it is our responsibility to expand our reach, and to leave behind a Legacy that will impact future generations for the better. The final step on the path to Legendary Leadership.

✙ Fun - Because Life is meant to be Enjoyed! Yes, there may be tough times, struggles, stress and pain, yet we need to find and be present with that which is worth living for!

About the 

Legendary Leadership Commitments

In order to become a Legendary Leader, you have to be committed. That is why we call our memberships Legendary Leadership Commitments or "Commitments" for short, and we have a variety of plans to help you get to your goals!

We also understand that everyone is at a different stage of their journey, so we've made access easy for anyone who wants to become Legendary! You can make a commitment for Free if your are early in your journey, and you'll get access to great information, and if you're ready to become Legendary faster, then you can make a higher Commitment!

Each Level of Commitment has EXTRAORDINARY benefits which we'll detail here for you - and for our paid Commitments, 50% of the Profits** go to various Non-Profits that are actively changing the world for the better! We have more information about what we mean by "Profits" at the  end of this section, and Information about the Non-Profits we are currently supporting below!

Member Commitment (Free)

We've all been there, either at the very start of our leadership journey, or in tough times. Our founder has been there too, and because of that he wanted to make sure that you had a way to develop your leadership abilities, no matter what your lot in life currently is, and to have Hope that you can overcome wherever you currently are and one day become Legendary!

This is what we also know -  social media platforms are not designed to help you succeed, they are designed to do one thing, make those platforms profitable off of your information, and to keep you addicted to their platform even if it is to your detriment...

We wanted to change that.

At the Member Commitment, we wanted to make sure that you got access to a platform that was free of all the hangups of social media, and where you were guaranteed to find Leadership information that will honestly benefit you. And if you see ads, they are not from random sources from all over the internet who are bidding for your attention (literally), they are from sources endorsed by, and trusted by us at the Legendary Leadership Life!

Along with this you will receive the following benefits:

  • Articles on Legendary Leadership!
  • Notifications for New TV Show and Podcast Episode Releases!
  • Heroic Hustle Events that You Can Participate In!
  • A Course on how to F.L.O.U.R.I.S.H.! (To Be Released)
  • Join our Free WHOOP Fitness Community!
  • Get a Free WHOOP Band & Month of Membership!
  • Access to a Community of Legendary Leaders!

Pupil Commitment ($29.99/Month)

You understand the importance of developing yourself further, and we want to help you get there faster. We believe in using proven strategies and science to improve your Leadership abilities.

On top of everything that you get by simply being a member, we will provide you with tools that are designed to increase your Legendary Leadership Potential by 4x over the year!

And the best part? These tools are designed to be accessible to anyone, of any age, with any background, on any time schedule. That's right, these are tools, based on science, that you can ACTUALLY use on your journey to become a Legendary Leader!

This is what you get with this commitment:

  • The Leadership Forge - Designed to Increase Hope, Knowledge, and More!
  • Heroic Hustle Daily - Designed to Increase Energy, Health and More!
  • Access to a Private Section of the Site!
  • Join our Legendary WHOOP Fitness Community!
  • Get Recognized for your Extraordinary WHOOP Scores!
  • Get Recognized on our Website!
  • Everything from the Member Commitment!
  • 50% of Profits** Go to Non-Profits We Support!

Master Commitment ($69.99/Month)

Getting better is one thing, but YOU know that Mastery is what a truly Legendary Leader desires. 

At the Master Commitment, we begin to tap into Flow, and with the tools from this Commitment, you can turn your 4x increase in Legendary Leadership Potential into a 20x Increase. That's the power of Flow when you are able to harness it and guide it in the correct direction.

With this Commitment, you gain access to:

  • Leadership Beyond the Books - Using Flow to Dramatically Improve Your Hope, Knowledge, and More!
  • Heroic Hustle Amplified - Using Flow to Dramatically Improve Your Energy, Health, and More!
  • Get Recognized on our Founder's TV Show and Podcast!
  • Everything from the Pupil Commitment!
  • 50% of Profits** Go to Non-Profits We Support!

**Quick Note on what we mean when we say, "Profit".

Some organizations make great claims about how much money they "donate", but when you look at their accounting books, you discover that very little money actually goes to the causes they claim to support because their definition of "profit" is very cryptic.

We want to be COMPLETELY up front with you and TRANSPARENT so that you understand EXACTLY where your money is going.

"Profit" by our definition is everything that comes after certain, specific expenses. For US at the Legendary Leadership Life, this includes Stripe Transaction Fees (Around 2.7-2.9%), Mighty Network Transaction Fees (From 2-5%), iOS Transaction Fees (Apple takes 30% of whatever plans go through their app, sadly unavoidable), and Taxes (Vary by Member Location). What is remaining after those fees, 50% of THAT is what we call "Profit" and goes to the Non-Profits.

That means that we pay the Non-Profits BEFORE our founder, executive team, employees, and other expenses. That's right, we believe in these causes so much, and care about being transparent with you, that we want you to know that we PAY THEM before we pay ourselves!

We're not in the game of bamboozling you for your money, we're here to 


Why You Should Join Us

✙ Meet AMAZING Individuals just like You who are DEDICATED to Becoming Legendary Leaders!

✙ Share and Hear POWERFUL Stories, Experiences, and Ideas with Your Peers!

✙ Get PERSONALIZED Answers to the Questions that Popular Search Engines Can't Find!

✙ Find INSPIRATION from People on the Same Path as You!

✙ Get Access to EXCLUSIVE Content that is NOWHERE Else!

✙ 50% of ALL PROFITS** Go to Non-Profits

✙ Learn FASTER and Make BETTER DECISIONS as you Unlock Your Heroic Potential, Evolve into a Legendary Leader, Forge Ahead & Flourish!

Non-Profits We Currently Support

Part of our Mission with the Legendary Leadership Life is to create a community that is dedicated to impacting our core values, especially helping people find Freedom in their own lives, and creating a Future where others are able to obtain Freedom in their lives!

In looking to make this become a reality, we wanted to support various causes with the profits** from your Legendary Leadership Commitments, so that YOU can see the good that comes from making an investment in YOURSELF!

Our current goal is to reach $100,000.00 in donations, through Commitments made by our members, to support these causes, so that we can truly impact people's lives, helping them obtain Freedom and creating a greater Future!

To reach this goal, 50% of ALL Profits** from our member's Commitments go towards supporting the following Non-Profits:

1Life Fully Lived

This 501(c) (3) non-profit organization gives people of all ages and backgrounds the tools to achieve success. By leveraging the knowledge and support of their community, they provide tools and training in vision-planning, finances, relationships, and wellness.

Everyone deserves to be able to achieve success - no matter their background, or their family's past. That is what Freedom is about, and this organization puts the tools into the hands of people in under-served communities. By helping people with the 4 pillars they discuss, it allows people an opportunity to break free of the societal chains that have held them back, and to create a new future for themselves that wouldn't have been possible otherwise.

For more information, please go to: 

Forever Homes for Foster Kids -

This 501(c) (3) non-profit organization believes all foster children deserve to live happy, healthy lives in a permanent home. They believe in challenging the family-finding status quo. By identifying and locating family members, they become the catalyst to create stronger families and communities. Their specialization is performing family finding for U.S. agencies seeking to locate the biological relatives of foster children. Family Finding is the process of identifying, locating and notifying adult family members. This ensures that where possible, each foster child has at the very least a connection with their blood relatives. In the best of cases, relatives are found who will take in the child and give him/her a permanent, stable home.

Every child deserves to go to a good home, but the tools to help children find good family often is hard to find and harder to resource. We understand that with the right tools and resources, we can get every child into a loving home, often even with good blood relatives, and this organization specializes in that. We also know that when these children aren't able to find homes, they often end up in terrible situations where they are preyed upon, which could easily be avoided. If more kids were raised in good households, we would have a future generation that is more excited about leading tomorrow's world.

For more information, please go to:

Shelters to Shutters

Shelters to Shutters -

This 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization looks to tackle the situational homelessness that we face in the United States currently. Situational Homelessness is the status of being forced to live without housing due to a life-altering event, such as job loss, domestic violence, medical emergency, or natural disaster. They look to help transition individuals and families out of homelessness and into economic self-sufficiency by educating and engaging the real estate industry to provide employment and housing opportunities.


Currently, 70% of people in the United States who are facing homelessness is due to situational circumstances. It is not because these individuals do not want to work, are unable to work, or are fighting an illness. They are people who have suffered through hard times and are just looking for a break, and an opportunity to prove themselves so that they can get back on their feet. Having suffered through difficult times, we know how important it is to have someone around who can help us get back up, and that is what this organization does. If we were to end 70% of the homelessness that is only due to situational circumstances, we would be able to provide better services to the homeless who are in dire need of assistance due to being unable to work or due to illness. We also have Faith that people can have tremendous comebacks and can truly make a difference in the world if we are able to to help them out in their darkest hours.


For more information, please go to:

Vigilante Truth -

This 501(c) (3) non-profit organization is dedicated to ending Sex Trafficking in the USA by eliminating the demand for a product that drives a criminal industry that strips women of their dignity and safety. They fight this tirelessly to rebuild the Value of Women in eyes of the men that would exploit them.

All women deserve to be valued, and to be treated well. Unfortunately the reality is that many of women are forcibly put into the sex trade, and few are any the wiser to the realities of what these women are facing. This organization tackles the problem at two sides, by finding rings and helping to end them, and by showing the realities behind what is actually happening, the predatory behaviors that are used to diminish the value of women, and to mascaraed these situations as "harmless" or "voluntary". The truth here is ugly which is why we, as a society, need to tackle it and help these women obtain the value, and Freedom, they deserve.

For more information, please go to: 

NeuroGuides Logo

NeuroGuides -  

Life Guides for Autism | NeuroGuides ™ is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization that possesses a core belief that all persons are fully human, whether they're autistic or otherwise neurodiverse.


We agree with this organization that each and every human person should have full access to success in life socially, occupationally and relationally, regardless of their situation. Their service empowers, equips and encourages autistic persons to enjoy these things. Knowing individuals who live with Autism in our lives has made us see the value that this organization is able to provide for them and others, as they work to bring about a greater mission of creating a more neurodiverse world!


For more Information, please go to:

VIA Institute On Character

The VIA Institute on Character -

This organization is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that is dedicated to bringing   the science of character strengths to the world through supporting research, creating and validating surveys on character, and developing practical tools for individuals and practitioners.


We believe that one of the foundational parts of obtaining Legendary Leadership is have strong virtues, personal development and self-awareness. This organization studies virtues that are pervasive in the world, regardless of background, location or any other factor, and helps people understand their own virtues, and how to better utilize those strengths in their lives. The roots are based in positive psychology, which states that even if we have weaknesses in some areas, we will see much greater gains by focusing on our strengths, so should devote more time to making our strengths better. When we can apply that with our virtues, we can create a much greater foundation to really develop ourselves as leaders to the highest potential!


For more information, please go to:

Believe Big -

This 501(c) (3) non-profit organization was created after the founder battled with Stage IV colon cancer. Established in 2011, they are bridging the gap between conventional and complementary medicine for fighting cancer. Believe Big provides patients with hope, help, and healing.

As some of you know, one of our founder's oldest friend, someone he considered his older brother, died at the age of 27 from inoperable Brain Cancer. During his time on Earth, he was someone who believed in Hope, in providing Help, and that Healing was possible. The healthcare system often uses scare tactics and fear to drive patients towards certain types of treatments and away from other sources of healing. But what if we could create treatments by looking at the best of all possibilities, while also providing Hope? That is exactly what this organization is working on creating, and we know that it is something that our founder's brother would have believed in.

For more information, please go to: 

A Big Thanks

None of this would be possible without the AMAZING members of the Legendary Leadership Life! The efforts of these individuals are not only changing the lives of those around them, but the ripple effects are impacting even more lives!

About Your Host and Guide: 

Cody Dakota Wooten

Cody Dakota Wooten is a Christian Business and Entrepreneurial Leader, with the core values of Faith, Family, Freedom, Future, and Fun, who saw a problem in the world: He saw generations rising up, desperate to find great leadership and to become great leaders, but they were unsure where to look in order to find good leadership and how to become the leaders of tomorrow.

The generations looked at businesses, and were let down by the scandals, the scams, and the questionable ethics. The generations looked at politics and found self-serving politicians on every side that cared little to nothing about the needs of those they claimed to support. The generations looked at institutions of faith, and found hypocritical individuals who caused tremendous pain to those they were supposed to support and raise up. The generations finally looked to families, and found them broken, as Cody Dakota saw in his own home where he was raised by three women due to his father actively deciding not to be a part of his life.

This led to a future that Cody Dakota could not bear to accept, and so he made a decision to help raise up the next generations of leaders.

During his work, he ended up discovering a huge problem - Leadership is Broken . Cody Dakota had a successful podcast and TV show, he was impacting the lives of those he worked with, helping them raise businesses from nothing and expanding internationally, and he still knew it wasn’t enough.

This led to him researching and designing Legendary Leadership - because this is what the world was truly looking for, and it was what would be required for real change to happen. Along with this, Cody Dakota is also a leading specialist and the originator of The Leader's Physiology, helping leaders understand how to utilize their body's systems to improve and enhance their Leadership.

Every business venture that Cody Dakota works on has the goal of creating a better Future. Currently he is The Legendary Leadership Coach, Speaker, TV Show and Podcast Host.

Cody Dakota is a Certified Coach, Speaker, Behavioral Consultant, Holistic Wellness Profesional, and a Stress and Well-Being Assessment Provider. His podcast, The Leadership Guide, is in the top 1% of all podcasts, and has hit the top of charts in multiple countries. He is certified with multiple coaching organizations, including The John Maxwell Team, Optimize, HeartMath, and Future Force and is working toward his Flow Peak Performance Coaching Certification. He is a prior member of the Forbes Coaches Council, being featured in over 20 Expert Panels and Articles, and an Advisory Board Member for the Future of Business Coaching where he was ranked a Top 3 Expert five times and referenced multiple more times. He has been the recipient of an EIPPY Award, and a finalist for the Next Level of Inspirational Speakers Award, as well as the Extraordinarian Award for Coaches with ideas the can change People, Businesses, and the Future for the Better. He has also been a co-author of 5 Best-Selling Books.

In Fitness, Cody Dakota Wooten is an avid Martial Artist and Spartan Racer. He has practiced multiple martial arts for over 20 years, including Tae-Kwon-Do and Karate (Second Degree Black Belt), Judo (Red Belt), Tai Chi, Aikido, Chanbara, and has self-study in a variety of other styles. He is a certified Original Strength Coach and Animal Flow Coach and is working toward his Oxygen Advantage Coaching Certification. He has completed 2 Spartan Trifectas (so far) and has competed in multiple sports since he was young, including NCAA Division 3 Lacrosse, Cross-Country, Track and Field, Baseball, and Diving.

Fun Fact: Cody Dakota Wooten has received a Triple PhD, h.c. in Abidance Counseling, Biasology and Simplicity Theory, and is also a Lord of Glencoe and Lochaber. He could choose to go by “Dr. Cody Dakota” or “Lord Cody Dakota” but chooses not to because he understands that he is a regular person, just like everyone else, and that titles do not make anyone greater or lesser than another.

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